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Digital transformations are accelerating

As explained in CGI’s Client Global Insights, there is an increasingly urgent need for organizations to meet their customers’ or citizens’ digital expectations. Automation technology—a key enabler of digital transformation—is now being used to:

  • let employees focus on high-value work that enhances the customer or citizen experience,
  • boost productivity, reduce costs, improve quality, increase security and drive real-time activities and
  • together with advanced analytics, the Internet of Things and AI, pave the way for entirely new business models.

No matter how far clients have already traveled on their automation journey, CGI helps them leverage the full spectrum of automation approaches: from robotic process automation (RPA) for automating tasks across algorithmic automation of decisions all the way to AI, which will ultimately emulate the whole range of human cognition and empathy.

Intelligent Automation Framework

View the enlarged Intelligent Automation Framework

CGI accomplishes this with intelligent automation services that include:

  • Business and IT consulting: enterprise strategies and roadmaps; proofs of concepts; technology evaluation, selection and integration; analyses of benefits and ROI; business case development; organizational consulting (creating centers of excellence); frameworks and working models; change management; digital workforce adoption
  • Systems integration and managed services: enhanced and algorithmic solutions involving systems integration; implementing, managing and hosting automation technologies and platforms such as natural language programming (NLP); optical character recognition (OCR), machine and deep learning, neural networks and computer vision; fully managed RPA factory engagements and virtual workforce management
  • Outsourcing: intelligent automation as part of IT and business process outsourcing engagements (in which CGI takes responsibility for clients’ intelligent automation processes) to accelerate digital delivery, improve operation and transform their business

CGI’s intelligent automation delivery approach covers all aspects of solution planning and development, from exploratory workshops, ideation and prototyping all the way to piloting and production.

Market-Leading Technologies

CGI works with leading vendors—BluePrism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Kofax, Workfusion, Celaton, Ayehu, IBM Watson, IPSoft, Microsoft and Google, among others—to advance innovative solutions and adapt them to clients’ needs. It also develops automation intellectual property (IP) by prototyping and innovating with clients and at its own Automation Centers of Excellence and Innovation Labs.

Besides IP and third-party solutions, CGI applies open-source technologies to provide AI-powered automation solutions such as:

  • Intelligent process automation, including RPA for business and IT processes
  • Autonomous IT operations for performance and security monitoring, event correlation, diagnostics, self-healing, incident resolution and service orchestration
  • Intelligent machine learning and deep learning for advanced automation scenarios across processes, transactions and operations
  • Customer interactions and service automation via conversational AI, virtual agents and chat bots
  • IoT-based analytics integrated with automation for predictive maintenance, smart community management, supply chain and logistics optimization

More information on how CGI helps organizations design, develop and implement more successful intelligent automation capabilities is available here.