Each year, CGI meets face-to-face with business and IT leaders to hear their views on the trends affecting their organizations. In 2018, we conducted 35 in-person interviews with oil and gas executives to learn more about their top trends and ...
Ein optimiertes Forderungsmanagement unterstützt Sie dabei, Ihren Umsatz und Ihre Liquidität zu sichern. Basierend auf über 40 Jahren Erfahrung, bietet Ihnen CGI dazu eine weltweit führende Lösung: Collections360®.

1000+ upstream E and P applications supported for global oil and gas companies
95% of UK oil and gas offshore personnel movements are  tracked by CGI’s VantagePOB solution
1.5 billion fuel card transactions processed by CGI systems per year

CGI is a partner to all oil and gas majors, globally, providing services across the value chain, including exploration and production, refining, supply and distribution and B2B/B2C retail 

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