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CGI Banking Talks

1.5 hours – 3 speakers – plenty of space for inspiring discussions

CGI Banking Talk is a communication platform for the banking and financial sector. Take the chance to exchange ideas with peers and expand your network! Get insights from experts and be inspired by innovative FinTechs.

CGI Banking Talk takes place every quarter in a 1.5 hour format. Three speakers from the banking sector start with a short keynote presentation about their experiences with the cloud and will answer your questions afterwards. Afterwards, the moderation team will open the 30-minute discussion round. For now,  CGI Banking Talks will take place in a virtual setting via Microsoft Teams.


CGI Banking Talk on May 6, 2021

On the topic of "Cloud Innovation - How the journey to the cloud becomes a success", our speakers will present ways on how to efficiently and profitably use cloud technologies in your company.

Please note that this event will be held in English.


Our Speakers

Joachim Wüst, Google Cloud Deutschland

Joachim Wüst

Head of Financial Services

Google Germany


How a multi-cloud strategy will help banks mitigate risks in the cloud

Cloud in its various forms has become the de facto architecture for modern IT and digital transformation (DX) for business agility, flexibility, scalability, security, and innovation. In regulated industries such as financial services, the complexity of legacy systems, cultural shifts, and compliance requirements have until recently slowed adoption. Regulators companies alike are concerned about concentration risk, vendor lock-in, operational resilience, reliability, and over-reliance on third-party providers. In that context, adopting a multi-cloud strategy is shaping up to become a key strategic pillar which allows companies to gain the benefits of cloud technologies while addressing regulatory concerns.

Kees-Jan Koppenaal, FinTech Mambu

Kees-Jan Koppenaal

Sales Director CEE

FinTech Mambu


How an innovative cloud banking platform can redefine financial services for consumers and companies

In an age where technology has changed how we interact, both with one another and service providers, businesses not embracing this change will be left behind - particularly in financial services. Perceived as a threat for most incumbents, these external influences can also be an incentive to change, the opportunity to redefine financial services for consumers, and for themselves. For challengers, the change isn’t a threat at all: it’s a major opportunity and a serious competitive advantage. They are taking a completely fresh approach to their core banking infrastructure challenges. They deploy in the cloud such as Google Cloud Platform, configure instead of customize and instead of enduring major, risky releases, they continually improve. Mambu was launched in 2011 with the vision to enable access to modern financial services for all. By providing a modern cloud banking platform, Mambu is changing the market through its composable banking approach. At the CGI Banking Talk, I will show how our platform provides customers the ability to design and run any financial product while rapidly integrating to the best-of-service ecosystem. I’m looking forward to see you there and discuss with you!

Martin Zelenka, CGI

Martin Zelenka

Vice President Consulting Delivery



HotScan360 - Moving the whole product lifecycle into the cloud

Three years ago, we developed the anti-money laundering platform "CGI HotScan360". Our ambition was to build a modern, micro-services based product, cloud-ready, highly scalable, and with automated deployment. After initial considerations of developing the system within a private cloud, we chose to develop within Azure instead. During the project we addressed many technical, commercial or human resources related issues. Why did we choose to go cloud-only and why Azure?

During CGI Banking Talk, you will receive insights into what it means to develop entirely in the cloud, what our main challenges and best practices were, and how clients benefit from our experience. 


Our Team of Moderators

Doreen Herrmann and Fabian Seel will guide you through the CGI Banking Talk.

Gesine Schimmel, CGI

Doreen Herrmann

Executive Consultant, CGI

Doreen Herrmann has been working at CGI as a project manager and Scrum Master for over three years in the Financial Services division and is an expert in the use of innovation methods.

Michael Welz, CGI

Fabian Seel

Director Consulting Services, CGI

Fabian Seel has 10 years of experience in Financial Services and has been working as a Quality Assurance Expert at CGI since 2017.


Do you have any questions or are you interested in participating as a speaker at the next CGI Banking Talk? Please contact us at in your preferred language (German or English).



CGI Banking Talk

Cloud Innovation - How the journey to the cloud becomes a success

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Please note that this event will be held in English.

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